Project Management in the Financial Services

The financial services industry covers a wide range of areas: financial planning, corporate finance, commercial and investment banking, hedge funds, private equity investment, venture capital, public accounting, etc. But there is one trend across all these sectors is that strategic initiatives are increasingly being realized by means of projects.

Maybe you are currently a member of a project team, or have been given the responsibility of managing a project on your own and are not 100% sure of what tools and techniques are available to you, then you should get in touch with a Velopi advisor. S/he can bring you through our various course options that are designed to support project managers, no matter where they are on their career path – from people new to the area, to experienced project managers.

While those working in financial services generally have no difficulty in preparing and managing budgets, or organizing external procurements, they might struggle with project definition, dealing with stakeholders effectively and managing the quality of the project. A project management training course from Velopi may be just what you need to deal with the whole gamut of project management with confidence.

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