Project Management in Information & Communications Technologies (ICT)

New software products are developed by project teams. Information Technology departments regularly have to upgrade their systems and these upgrades are often managed as projects. Similarly, network planners have to map geographical areas and roll out base sites and WiFi hotspots to provide total coverage. If you work in the high-tech sector, especially if you are on the leading edge of development, you are going to be part of a project team or, if you are experienced enough, actually managing the team yourself.

This has proved to be a problem during the short life of the software industry. While the technical expertise shown by hardware and software engineers is second to none, the management of these projects has proved sub-optimal. The conventional wisdom attributes this to engineers (particularly software experts) tending to be introverted by nature and uncomfortable with managing people.

Velopi’s courses seek to provide a framework for the management of projects that allows the project to be managed in a disciplined, professional manner. Communicating with stakeholders for instance focuses on what information you need to communicate? What format works best and what medium to use? By carefully planning your interactions with the project stakeholders, an activity to dread can become one to look forward to.

Wherever you are in your career, gaining some training in project management is an investment well worth making. Even if you never want to manage a project in the future, it really helps to understand what the person who is managing your project needs to know and how you can provide that information. If you are managing projects already, why get formal recognition of your work by obtaining a project management professional certification? Please contact a Velopi advisor. We are confident we have a course that suits you.


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