Additional software tester skills.

Additional software tester skills.

In a previous post, I listed the key skills that makes some software testers great. Besides those skills, there are other "softer" skills that a software tester needs to have. Software testers are part of a bigger development effort. What a lot of people fail to remember is that; finding the software defect is only the first part of the job; getting the defect fixed is an equally important part of the role. Hence the following skills are required.

Tact and Diplomacy: Finding a serious software defect very close to a release date is not always hailed as good news! So testers normally bring bad news to the development team. These situations need to be dealt with tactfully and professionally. Great testers have the communication and professional skills to deal with these situations.

Good Judgment: Normally squeezed for time, a great software tester needs to make decisions about what aspects of the software to test, how long it will take to test and have the ability to decide when enough testing is done.

Finally, software testers need to be persuasive.   

Not all software defects get fixed. It may not be seen as a problem, not severe enough, not seen often enough or too late or dangerous to fix. Hence software testers need to be very clear on what the defect is and what the impact of it are to the customer.  Then they need to follow through and support the organization in getting a fix in place.