Project Management in the Medical Devices Sector

If you work in the medical device industry, you could have a background in mechanical engineering, materials science, software development, quality assurance / control, or manufacturing. No matter which area of expertise you bring to your organization, you are likely to spend time either working on project teams or managing your own projects. Whether these are new product developments, regulatory projects, or improvements to the production line, they need to be managed and you might see the management of such projects as part of your future career.

If so, then you should contact a Velopi advisor about training. Our boast is that we support project managers from the outset, all through their careers. Whether you want to understand the basic tools and techniques used to manage projects, or obtain an internationally-recognized project management professional certification to formalize your experience to date, Velopi should be able to assist.


Medical Devices Case Study 1


Medical Devices Case Study 2

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