Project Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

People who work in the pharmaceutical industry come from many different backgrounds. There are the research chemists who develop new products; there are regulatory experts and quality people who ensure that these new products are safe to use and, of course, there are the production people who ensure that drugs are mass produced safely and consistently.

But the one thing all these roles have in common is that they all, at some time or other, work as part of a project team. New product developments are obvious projects, but there are plenty of projects on the production line – adding new automated solutions, or preparing a line for one of the new products.

Even if you do not currently manage projects, it would be beneficial to explore the thinking behind project management. What do your project managers require from you and how can you help them manage these projects? For experienced project managers, have you considered obtaining a project management professional certification? This provides an internationally-recognized endorsement of your project management skills.

No matter what stage you are at, it would be time well spent getting in touch with a Velopi advisor. Many pharmaceutical professionals find themselves managing projects at some stage in their careers. A Velopi project management training course will provide just the foundation you need. Even if you are an accomplished project manager, do get in touch – we offer supports to project managers all through their careers.


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