Physical Classroom

The traditional face-to-face, “chalk and talk” learning experience of the classroom continues to be an important way of learning and helps students and trainers keep motivated and know each other in a better and more sociable manner. In class, you’ll have the opportunity to network and collaborate with other professionals from a diverse range of industries. Our corporate clients benefit from the opportunity to explore and plan with colleagues how project management concepts can be applied in their organisations.


The Classroom experience is very valuable in strengthening personnel and developing important communication and career skills in presenting, discussing and negotiating ideas in front of peers, developing team spirit and learning to interact with people from different departmental, industry and cultural backgrounds.


Velopi provides classroom training to allow you reap these advantages – whether you are looking for an on-site training programme at your organisation customised to the unique environment of your employees or at one of our public, open-enrollment courses.


We apply rigorous criteria when selecting our Trainers to lead our courses. We require subject matter experts with engaging communication skills, proven practitioner experience and accomplished qualifications in teaching and project management. Some of the most respected names in project management are Velopi Trainers. We have delivered courses internationally to more than 8,500 professionals and over 100 organisations in sectors such as Life Sciences, ICT, Public Sector, Engineering, Business and professional services.


However, without the learning support of other formats, classroom training on its own is ineffective in achieving the timely and effective learning outcomes our students and corporate clients seek.

Velopi has evolved an effective blended learning solution, combining the classroom with other online formats, to enable students and corporate clients achieve their optimal learning outcomes. We call this Velopi’s “Smart Learning” Approach.