Project Management in the Public Sector

The public sector covers a lot of ground. Not only do you have civil service administration staff in government departments, you have school and university teachers and lecturers, healthcare staff, army personnel, health and safety people and even park wardens.

There is a tendency across all facets of the public service to work to clear guidelines. Standard operating procedures exist for most work tasks and there is a tendency towards risk aversion. This works well for day-to-day operations, but effecting change through projects involves taking a standard approach to project management and adapting it to suit the unique conditions that are inherent to any project.

Velopi’s project management training courses are based on an internationally-recognized framework (developed by the Project Management Institute) which provides a structure to the whole discipline of project management. However, our training courses, by using practical exercises and interesting case studies, clearly demonstrate how to use that framework to tackle any sort of project.

If you are a public servant and you find yourself working in project teams, or even managing your own projects, a Velopi training course will be just the thing to relate your experiences to the principles of formal project management. Please contact a Velopi advisor and s/he will be able to guide you to the most appropriate training based on where you currently are on your career path and where you see yourself going.

Public Sector Industry Case Study

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