Velopi Learning Centre

Velopi Learning Centre for Self-Paced Learning


The Velopi Learning Centre (VLC) provides Trainers and Learners with access to electronic teaching and learning materials (such as lecture recordings, notes and links to useful websites) and activities (such as discussion forums, group assignments, reflective journals and quizzes).


With a modern, easy to use interface, the VLC is designed for self-paced learning according to your own schedule. Learners have their own Personalised Dashboard which displays current, past and future course modules, along with tasks due and an all-in-one calendar that helps you keep track of your academic or company calendar, course deadlines, group meetings, and other personal events. Users can receive automatic alerts on new assignments and deadlines, forum posts and new messages.


All the course materials can be easily accessed whenever you want. Learners can track progress and completion with an array of options for tracking individual activities or resources and at course level. You can access and retrieve course materials and use its convenient file management to drag and drop files from cloud storage services.


VLC personalize learning to you as an individual – if a Learner views a quiz, but hasn’t read a particular lesson, VLC will show him an alert, which instructs him to read it before taking the quiz. Likewise, if a Learner submits a quiz and scores less than 70%, VLC will offer some remedial content, while informing him that he has access to it. On the flipside, if he scores greater than or equal to 90%, VLC will release the next lesson for him.


Learners can learn online independently and interdependently as well. There are a host of collaboration tools to aid your learning – live chat with Trainers and fellow students, Forums, Workshops for group learning, Assignment Submission & Grading, Quizzes and Surveys with instantaneous feedback. It has complete messaging functionality to chat with your Trainer or fellow students.