Velopi Virtual Classroom

Velopi Virtual Classrooms for live experiences


Our virtual classroom experience is all about live, interactive learning where learners actively learn through participation in hands on experiences. A Velopi trainer presents the material in real time using Zoom as the underlying web conferencing software for synchronous, two way, live audio and video sharing where everyone logs in at a prescheduled time. From wherever they are located, learners have many ways to access the class session using desktops, laptops, and smart phones.


The Velopi Virtual Classrooms (VVC) are all about interactivity and engaging Students: from drawing on Whiteboards, to Screen Annotation (highlighters, free form drawing tools etc.) where students are guided around a visual display (such as a website) or to explain a concept, Polling and quizzes to test understanding, Chat as a backchannel to enable students to participate and “put up their hands” for individual attention, and Breakout Rooms to have students do group work and end when it’s time to regroup.


These online sessions can be recorded and students who are unable to attend can access the material at a later, more convenient time. Or, at a later date in your own study time, you may want to play back the session to clarify a point.