Blowing our own Trumpet

How to Prepare for the PMP Exam Day

While we are very proud of our project management training courses here in Velopi, we tend to shy away from blatant marketing and are very squeamish about resorting to outrageous claims to sell our products. In fact, when we set about devising our corporate strategy, we decided that our vision for the company is to be the trainer of choice for the courses we provide. Not a superlative to be seen.

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But out there in the real world, how can we convince practicing Project Managers and would-be Project Managers to sign up for one of our project management courses? If you want to get a feel for project management, why pick our one-day introduction course or even our two-day project management essentials course?

Similarly, if you want to get professional certification, why opt for our QQI certification, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® or our Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification courses?

The Value of Blended Learning Solutions for PMP® Certification

So, because we are shy about blowing our own trumpet, let us listen to what our customers have to say about our courses. Let us hear from Neal Kirby of Analog Devices – “Seamus Collins and Velopi delivered more than a first class PMP® training course. Seamus provided guidance for the application process, for study technique & exam preparation and even logistics advice for getting to the exam centre, not only on time, but being mentally prepared for a challenging exam.”

What Neal is referring to here is our Blended Learning Solution. This is where we assist our students all the way through the PMP® certification process. We help you to put the application forms together, train you in the materials and provide exam simulators to give you a genuine appreciation of what lies ahead. When Neal describes the PMP® exam as “challenging”, he was referring to its four-hour length. This is a long time to maintain concentration and we promote the use of our simulator to get our students match fit for the real PMP® exam.

Eliminating Surprises: Exam Preparation and Simulator

How about McAfee’s Katie Murphy: “Seamus provided me with excellent training in preparation for the PMP®. He approaches the material in a very logical and straightforward way, and knows the course inside out. I felt relaxed and confident going into the exam, all the tips & materials were spot on. The online sample exams are well pitched so there were no surprises on the day.”

That is an important aspect of our approach. If you have to do an exam to obtain project management certification, we want to make sure that there are “no surprises on the day”. Not only do we provide simulated exams, we also describe the venue and the procedures involved in sitting the exam. For instance, see our description of what will happen on the day of your PMP® exam.

Real-World Experience: Instructors with Practical Knowledge

Cathy Vaughan of Johnson & Johnson reflects on another aspect of the Velopi experience – “The training course was excellent and prepared me completely for the exam. Seamus was a great tutor with vast experience and real project examples that were extremely relevant.” All our instructors are highly experienced in a variety of industries and we all have to have PMP® certification. Remember that most of Velopi’s offerings lead to professional project management certification. That means they need to relate to practitioners and our courses focus on the practical aspects of project management. We want you to become better at your role, not inspire you to a future career in academia.

Convincing Project Managers and Aspiring Professionals

Finally, we are aware that not all Project Managers are fortunate enough to live in the Deep South, so for your convenience, we run our project management courses in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway. Velopi is also a Registered Education Provider for the Project Management Institute and an Approved Training Provider for Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) so you are in good hands. Please visit our training page or contact us directly to take your next step in project management.

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