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Business outcomes are achieved through the success of projects, large and small. Beyond technical know how, it is competency in Project Management that drives organisational success. Companies today are looking for project management skills across all roles to drive business results.

In a competitive, multi skilled labour market, individuals are looking to increase their employability by adding value to their skillset and differentiating themselves with industry validated and internationally accredited certifications.

Project Management Skills Enhance Employability

Access New Markets

Increase Enrollments

Enhance Employability

Competitive Edge

Increase Revenues

Add depth, breadth and value to your student’s skills with fully accredited, industry validated Project Management Courses and Certification, customised and delivered under your brand by Velopi, the subject matter experts in Project Management.

The nature of work has changed from “job for life” to “portfolio of projects” as the global economy has become more project-oriented with the practice of project management expanding into industries that were traditionally less project-oriented, such as health care, publishing and professional services.

People across all disciplines and roles are being hired to manage a portfolio of projects. To achieve agility and true sustainability in the new future of work, organizations need a ready-for-anything team that knows their project management as well as their domain expertise.

This rapidly growing demand for project management skills in employees is quantified by the Project Management Institute in its Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap Report // 2017-2027.  It projects that from  2010 through 2027, the project management-oriented labour force in seven project-oriented sectors within 11 countries is expected to grow by 33 percent, or nearly 22 million new jobs. By 2027, employers will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles.

In these project centric organisations, managing projects is a “whole organisation” activity where the new professional reality and employer’s expectation is that each employee must simultaneously be a Technical, Mentor and Project Management expert. Today, increasingly diverse jobs include project management duties as organizations recognize the importance and desirability of this competency among workers.

Why Partner With Us?

Work with Velopi to unlock the advantages for your organisation in delivering Industry Aligned, Project Management certification to your Learners under your Brand.

Internationally Recognised Professional Certification

Our courses are delivered by Instructors who are not only subject matter experts but also work in different industries as project management consultants. Their industry based practitioner knowledge keeps Velopi’s course content pragmatic, up to date, and in alignment with the best practices employed in the world’s leading organizations.

Industry Validated

Velopi’s Industry Advisory Council is composed of Senior Practitioners and Thought Leaders from the world’s most influential and best practice Project Management organisations. The Industry Advisory Council regularly reviews Velopi’s courses to ensure industry relevance and skills needs are achieved to ensure our Learners have the most up to date knowledge and skills to succeed as Project Managers.

Expert Led Instruction

Our courses delivered by Instructors who are not only subject matter experts but also work in different industries as project management consultants. Their industry based practitioner knowledge keeps Velopi’s course content pragmatic, up to date, and in alignment with the best practices employed in the world’s leading organizations.

Customised Ready to Use Solutions

Velopi’s courses are composed of self-contained modules, each of which can be used independently or configured in combinations to quickly create customized courses to meet the needs of your target learners. We ensure that industry specific terminology, tools, templates, simulations and case studies are applicable to your target learners.

Flexible Delivery Options

Velopi enables you to deliver the subject matter expert instructors, course materials and learning support in a medium that suits your target learners whether Traditional Classroom, Virtual Classroom or Blended Learning. Resources include live broadcasts, lecture recordings, digital course content, e-learning library, slide decks, simulations etc.

Course and Customer Support

Marketing & Sales Support

We help our Partners sell and market project management courses successfully with our marketing and sales support framework and tools. We enable you with our library of sales and marketing materials customised to your brand and target markets.

Who We Partner With

As Subject Matter Experts in Project Management education, Velopi partners with universities, colleges, professional associations and training providers who are committed to delivering the best education and industry aligned training to the professional skills, advance careers and improve the employability of their students and members.

Universities and Colleges

Accredited Degrees and Degree Units/Modules

Professional Associations

Continuing Education Units

Training Companies

International Certification Courses and Modules

“Velopi helped us achieve our first objective – gaining a high-level overview and common understanding of project management across the Team. We found the learning particularly useful in examining the versatility of our product and methodologies to meet our customer needs.”

Aisling Creedon
Team Lead, Enterprise Customer Success, Teamwork

“The biggest impact that the Velopi course had on me was learning how the science and framework of project management can help in managing people as well as through interpersonal and direct communication- the penny really dropped about this for me during the course.”

Ann Heffernan

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In 4 simple steps, we add Project Management to your course catalog.


We discuss your target markets, the needs of your learners and the goals of your business.

We design your customized branded project management course(s), the delivery plan and calendar, together with Marketing & Sales Support.

Supported Implementation
Start offering Project Management courses to your learners, members and clients.

A Velopi support contact works with you to review performance and fine tune your project management courses as well as planning future courses and marketing & sales efforts.