The Velopi Difference: Our Smart Learning Approach

Your success is our success. Every decision we make in supporting your learning is guided by the four core principles at the heart of our training philosophy and approach to learning.

Our Focus is on your Success

We focus on achieving the learning outcomes you seek.

Our effectiveness can be measured in how we achieve the highest completion and exam pass rates in the industry.The true value of training is how you demonstrate your learning in your real working environment. We make sure our training is industry driven, relevant and immediately applicable to your own work reality.

You learn best by Doing, not by listening

Effective learning is active learning, not passively listening and memorising theory.

We focus on active discussion, practice, peer co-operation, review, analysis, simulation and application of a concept to real-world industry situations to increase your critical thinking and make learning engaging, exciting and effective for you.

We design to meet your individual learning preferences

We design our courses to flexibly suit your learning style and your schedule.

Taking a blended learning approach so you can learn smartly, we combine online interactive technology, our active learning approach with traditional classroom methods to give you control over your time, place, learning path and pace.

We are always here for you

We are committed to you personally.

You can be confident in having the backup of expert Velopi telephone and email support whenever you need, before, during and after the course through to exam. Indeed, now that you are part of the Velopi community, we continue to support your lifelong career learning path with our advisory services and PDU Centre for Alumni.



Study to Suit You

Our Smart Learning Approach: Blended Learning through Application


Velopi utilises a wide variety of delivery methods to accommodate individual learning styles and preferences, from the personalization of the traditional classroom to the on-demand flexibility and cost-savings of virtual and self-paced learning formats, or a blended approach.

Our blended learning techniques allow you to learn a “Smart” way that gives you control over your time, place, learning path and pace so you can balance your studies with work and family commitments while achieving all the benefits of an effective active learning experience. Blended learning is a hybrid approach that integrates user friendly digital tools, techniques and materials with the classroom. This allows us to flip the traditional classroom to the most effective active learning approach.

We maximise the limited time of scheduled class and group discussion for ‘learning by doing’ and in person interaction with trainers and fellow students, whether in physical classrooms or in online classrooms such as Zoom. In your own study time, our self-paced learning environment in Moodle allows you to view lectures, access readings, ask questions and discuss with tutors and fellow students, practice in simulators and labs, and complete assignments.

  1. Physical Classroom
  2. Live Virtual Classroom
  3. “Learning by Doing”: Projects, Case Studies, Assignments, Simulations & Peer Learning
  4. Expert Trainer Support via Telephone & Email & Online Channels
  5. Student Centred Learning: Our Online Learning Management System

Velopi’s goal is to intelligently craft our learners experience, freeing more time for individual guidance and using valuable time for hands on learning. Always committed to optimising our learner’s learning experiences, over the years Velopi has adopted and developed new technologies into the Velopi Learning Management System for a student centred and intuitive online learning experience.