Project Management in Information & Communications Technologies (ICT)

Information Technology departments frequently need to upgrade their systems, and these upgrades are typically handled as projects. Likewise, network planners must meticulously map out geographical areas and implement base sites and WiFi hotspots to ensure comprehensive coverage.

If you work in the high-tech sector, particularly if you are at the forefront of development, you will likely be a part of a project team or, if you have enough experience, even lead the team yourself


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Software Products Are Developed by Project Teams

In the relatively short history of the software industry, a recurring problem has surfaced. Despite the exceptional technical expertise demonstrated by hardware and software engineers, the management of these projects has often fallen short of expectations. This can largely be attributed to the conventional belief that engineers, especially software experts, often exhibit introverted tendencies and discomfort when it comes to managing people. However, the reality of modern tech project management is far more complex and nuanced than that.

Successful tech projects necessitate a comprehensive understanding of both technical and managerial skills. It can be daunting for software engineers to transition from the role of programmer to manager, but it doesn’t have to be an intimidating process.

Project Management Training for the IT Industry

Velopi’s courses aim to establish a structured and professional approach to project management. Effective communication with stakeholders is a key aspect, addressing the questions of what information to convey, which format to use, and the most suitable medium. By strategically planning interactions with project stakeholders, what might be considered a daunting activity can be transformed into an eagerly anticipated one.

Regardless of where you are in your career journey, investing in project management training is undoubtedly a wise decision. Even if you have no intention of becoming a project manager, having a solid understanding of their role and responsibilities can immensely benefit you in providing the necessary support and information.

If you are already managing projects, obtaining a project management professional certification can further validate your expertise and accomplishments. Reach out to a Velopi advisor today and discover the perfect course that matches your needs and aspirations.

Why Study with Velopi

Since our foundation in 2007, Velopi has carved a niche in the project management training space that is based firmly on close relationships with both companies and individuals. As our clients’ needs have evolved, so have our project management training courses. Today, we offer a comprehensive range of project management courses that are designed to meet the needs of any organisation or individual.

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“The big benefit for us is bringing unity, structure and consistency in how we work and communicate as a Team.  When we present and report to our internal and external stakeholders, we can now give a clear simple picture of how we are executing against our baseline.”

Aisling Creedon
Team Lead, Enterprise Customer Success, Teamwork

“The biggest impact that the Velopi course had on me was learning how the science and framework of project management can help in managing people as well as through interpersonal and direct communication- the penny really dropped about this for me during the course.”

Ann Heffernan

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Yes, we are! Our relationship with the Project Management Institute goes back to 2011 when we became a Registered Education Provider (REP). We became an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) in 2020.

Project management is an applied discipline and many of today’s project managers have developed their own ways of working and have achieved great things through trial and error. However, by learning about the industry-standard, tools and techniques available to you, you can avoid a lot of expensive mistakes.

By taking a project management training course with Velopi, you will learn an internationally-recognized vocabulary and will discover how to approach the management of projects in a way that would work in any setting.

Overall, we find that our students, particularly the ones that have earned either professional or academic credentials, feel more confident in their roles and find themselves eager to expand their spheres of influence.

Ireland is no different from any other country in terms of project management. However, many US multinationals have facilities here in Ireland and, for the most part, they embrace the teachings of the Project Management Institute and, as such, are interested in hiring people who understand this way of working.

If you are new to the country and seeking employment, we recommend taking one of our public courses. Not only will you gain project management knowledge and skills, you will also have ample networking opportunities to establish contacts with organizations that take project management seriously.

Also, if you are currently out of work, many of Velopi’s courses are delivered through the Skillnets organizations and they provide very attractive discounts, particularly for the unemployed.

Project management is a transferable skill. Thus these courses are relevant to all industries from Medical Devices, through Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Construction & Engineering, the Public Sector, to Information & Communications Technologies.

This is reflected in the nature of our case study exercises. Students quickly realize that the problems they have faced in the workplace are very similar to those outlined in class.

Students also meet project managers from other industries and networking with these brings home the universal nature of most project management issues.

Yes we do! Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Many of our courses can also be delivered, face-to-face, at your own facility.

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