Preparing your Project Management Professional (PMP)® Application

How to Prepare for the PMP Exam Day

One of the first tasks involved in doing the PMP® exam is filling out the PMP® exam application form. You might assume this to be a simple task but many aspiring Project Management Professional’s find filling in the PMP® Exam form to be a time-consuming and complicated burden! If your application form isn’t filled out correctly you may get rejected so it’s a good idea to put some effort into getting this process right first time.

A common tip is to prepare yourself before you go online. Why not print out the necessary section of the PMP® Handbook and go through the details with a hardcopy before you go online? Make sure you understand every aspect of what is required before you log on and fill in the real thing. Remember to provide valid information because the Project Management Institutes (PMI)® may contact you to verify your project management experience. It is also important to have references you can easily contact as they will be required to sign the audit forms if you do get audited.

Trying to work out the number of project management hours and tasks you have completed in the past is a potential stumbling block for many applicants. It might be helpful to record the hours you’ve worked against each of the 30 tasks for the 6 process groups in an excel spreadsheet. This information could be transferred to the application form as you fill it in. We provide a template for this to all attendees of our Project Management courses. This ensures no double counting of hours and compiles your Project Management experience in a format the on-line PMP® application requires. This saves many hours of effort and reduces the chances of audit or rejection of your PMP® application.

Tip: Ensure that your first name and last name matches with government documentation. E.g. Passport or driving license.
Also, it’s worth remembering when you filling your PMP® application form you can save your progress and come back at a later time if you think you need a break. You will not need to do this if you have the Excel file with your Project Management experience ready. You can just login and submit your data in one go.
The application fee must accompany the application. These rates are available from the PMI® website ( If you meet the eligibility requirements, you will receive an e-mail explaining how to schedule your PMP® exam.
You can download the application form here. All participants of Velopi training courses are instructed on how to fill in the application form correctly.

Hope this helps!

PS. If you have attended one of our courses and want the latest version of the Excel PMP® experience template, please contact us and we will e-mail it you.

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