Certificate in Continuing Professional Development in Project Management Overview

Project management is an applied discipline and project management practitioners require the sort of hands-on training that an industry-based training company, such as Velopi Ltd. provides. However, they also require recognised academic qualifications to give them credibility in their profession. This Certificate in Continuing Professional Development in Project Management uniquely provides this combination.

The course material has been developed by Velopi, based on over a decade’s worth of experience in project management training. It is delivered by experienced practitioners with an emphasis on the practical application of the knowledge acquired. At the same time, the module’s content and assessment has been rigorously evaluated by UCC’s academic staff to ensure that the course is consistent with university standards.

Student’s work will be assessed by an external examiner and exposed to the requirements of an exam board thus ensuring that the recipient of this level 7 certificate has not only reached the standard required but will be seen by both existing and potential employers to have reached the standard.

Why compromise? There is no need to decide whether to opt for practical training, or a recognised academic credential. Apply for the Certificate in Continuing Professional Development in Project Management and obtain both!

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  • Skill Level
  • Duration
    • 12 weeks
  • Support
    • Tutor on call
    • Exam simulator
  • Assessment

Course Description

  • Appreciate the different project lifecycles (Predictive versus Agile)
  • Define what a project is and deconstruct it into its component phases
  • Interpret client requirements and propose possible implementations
  • Devise a schedule and budget for the project and identify potential opportunities to optimise
  • Identify the project’s stakeholders and analyse their communications requirements
  • Develop assigned personnel into a cohesive project team
  • Perform a risk assessment and devise appropriate response plans
  • Manage the project through execution
  • Validate the project’s deliverables and formally close the project

This course is aimed at those at an early stage of their careers. They might have team lead, or project management responsibilities and may be considering moving into project management as the next step for them.

No previous knowledge of the area is assumed, but having experience in project teams and, in particular, in leading teams and managing projects would be beneficial.

This course will involve watching a total of 10 recorded lectures. These include:

  • The Stakeholder Performance Domain
  • The Team Performance Domain
  • Development Approach and Lifecycle Performance Domain
  • Planning 1: Strategy and Scope
  • Planning 2: Schedule and Budget
  • Planning 3: Resourcing and Procurement
  • Planning 4: Quality and the Project Management Plan
  • Agile – Introduction to Scrum
  • Measurement Performance Domain
  • Uncertainty Performance Domain

Every second week, students will attend a 3-hour, online workshop, where they will carry out case study exercises on the material presented in the recorded lectures. 

Applicants must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age by the date of commencement of the programme;
  • Hold a Leaving Certificate or QQI Level 5 qualification (or equivalent qualification);
  • Have a minimum of 1 year’s professional experience in a business environment or currently work on a project team or hold a project administrator / junior project manager role.

All applicants whose first language is not English must have attained IELTS Level 6 or the equivalent TOEFL score.


This course will be assessed through:

  • An 80-question, multiple-choice question, online exam (40%).
  • A portfolio of work, showing understanding of some of the core templates used in project management (20%).
  • A case study-based, group project (40%).
  • Contributions to a moderated discussion forum (Pass / Fail).


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