Program Management Professional (PgMP)® Overview

Velopi's Program Management Professional (PgMP)® exam preparation course will guide you through the Standard for Program Management and support your journey to the PgMP® exam all the way from your initial application to the Project Management Institute through this four-day course and subsequent study to what to expect on the day of the PgMP® exam itself. The PgMP® exam preparation course will be given by a PgMP® accredited instructor who will guide you based on personal experience of the process. We provide simulated exams to prepare you for the actual test, as well as including 20-question exams at the end of each section of the course.

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  • Skill Level
  • Duration
    • 4 Days
  • Support
    • Tutor on call
    • Exam simulator
  • Assessment
    • 35

Course Description

  • Revise all core PgMP® exam content and hot topics
  • Identify and recognise the various types of PgMP® exam questions
  • Complete sample exams using our PgMP® exam simulator
  • Compile a PgMP® exam strategy that will be used in the actual PgMP® exam
  • Become familiar with the exam policies and procedures

This course is suitable for people who have the necessary experience to meet the Project Management Institute's eligibility requirements. These are framed in terms of experience and will be detailed under the "Course Eligibility" tab. If you are a Project Manager interested in the next step in your career ladder, a board member who wants to learn more about strategy or a new Program Manager who would like to learn the basics of Program Management, then we recommend our 3-day Program Management course.

Program Management Definitions

Program Strategy Alignment

Program Benefits Management:


Analysis and Planning




Program Stakeholder Engagement

Program Governance

Program Management Life Cycle

Program Definition

Program Formulation

Program Preparation

Program Benefits Delivery

Program Closure

Program Transition

Program Closeout

PgMP® certification process

PgMP® exam preparation

Following successful completion of the separate Program Management Professional (PgMP)® Exam, the PgMP® accreditation will be awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. The course will:

  • Provide assistance with the PMI® membership, PgMP® Exam registration, PgMP® Application form preparation and credential application procedure.
  • Provide 30 hours of accredited project management training required by PMI® prior to the PgMP® application process. Modules covering all exam material, broken up similarly to the PMI®’s Standard for Program Management.
  • E-mail and Phone support as necessary from PgMP® certified tutor until PgMP® Certification is achieved.
  • Provide a framework to enable trainees to obtain the PMI® specific understanding required to pass the examination.
  • Provide access to our 400 PgMP® Exam questions in the Velopi PgMP® Exam Simulator.
  • Provide one-on-one feedback regarding performance in each knowledge area to allow trainees to focus on areas requiring improvement.

The Project Management Institute requires all PgMP® exam candidates to have:

  • At least four years' (6,000 hours') Project Management experience.
  • If you have a bachelor's degree you will also need four years' (6,000 hours') Program Management experience.
  • However, if you do not have a bachelor's degree, the Program Management requirement goes up to seven years (10,500 hours).

In addition to this, we strongly recommend that our students have obtained the Project Management Professional (PMP)® accreditation already. Many of the day-to-day tools and techniques covered by the Standard for Program Management are very familiar to PMP® exam students. You will find it much easier if you have encountered these previously.


We are an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of the Project Management Institute.

Our training materials and course structure have been reviewed against PMI®’s quality standards and are continually updated to match the current PgMP® Role Delineation study.

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Keep up to Date & Certified (PDUs)

Your career is a journey, and you’ll need to stay relevant as the profession evolves and as the needs of employers grow and change. Maintaining your PMI® certification is a significant competitive advantage. It keeps you relevant and helps you better position yourself as the answer to a company's demand.

To keep your certification and keep you relevant and competitive for employer demanded skills, you’ll need to participate in professional development activities, and earn and report professional development units (PDUs.) The goal is to ensure that your certified competencies stay relevant and up to date.

There are tons of opportunities to earn PDUs.  PMP® credential holders love Velopi's PDU Centre because it's the easiest way to earn and document the 60 hours of professional development units (PDUs) that are required over a 3 year period.

As a learner with us, Velopi's PDU Centre helps you earn and report your Education PDUs to keep up to date and maintain your certification through our classes, seminars and webinars as well as self directed learning. Visit the Velopi PDU Centre to see our upcoming classes and webinars and Discover ways to earn PDUs or report earned PDUs with our Velopi PDU Centre.

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Project Management Essentials
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