Changes in PMBOK® 5th Edition

Changes in PMBOK® 5th Edition

The release of the PMBoK® 5th Edition has some very interesting changes.

A new Knowledge Area called  Project Stakeholder Management has been added. This really emphasises the importance of this concept. The main knowledge area impacted by this new knowledge area is Communications. Identify Stakeholders moves from Communication to the new PM knowledge area - Project Stakeholder Management. This new knowledge area will have will have 4 processes

  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Plan Stakeholder Management - new
  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement - new
  • Control Stakeholder Engagement - new

And communication management is also changed with the removal of

  • Manage Stakeholder Expectations - removed
  • Report Performance - removed

Four new planning processes have also been added:

  • Plan Scope Management - new
  • Plan Schedule Management - new
  • Plan Cost Management - new
  • Plan Stakeholder Management - new

The addition of these 4 processes closes off an inconsistency we had in PMBOK 4th Edition whereby  these management plans which were part of the PM plan were not explicitly shown as outputs of any process. These kowledge areas have a planning process focusing on how that area will be planned and executed.

Some process names have also changed - the ones I like most are the change of Verify Scope to its new name Validate Scope and Administer Procurement to Control Procurement. The new names better describe the process and should be easier for people taking the PMP exam to understand.

Here is a summary of chnages. We will hold short classes for anyone who wants to get a full understanding of the changes and to see how it benefits their projects.

  • Addition of a new knowledge area called ‘Stakeholder Management’ (going from 9 to 10 Knowledge areas)5 new processes have been added (going from 42 to 47 Processes)
  • Direct and Manage Project Execution’ changed to ‘Direct and Manage Project Work’
  • Addition of ‘Plan Scope Management process’
  • ‘Verify Scope’ changed to ‘Validate Scope’
  • Addition of ‘Plan Schedule Management’
  • Addition of ‘Plan Cost Management’
  • ‘Plan Quality’ changed to ‘Plan Quality Management’
  • ‘Perform Quality Control’ changed to ‘Control Quality’
  • ‘Develop Human Resource Plan’ changed to ‘Plan Human Resource Management’
  • Monitor and Control Risks’ changed to ‘Control Risks’
  • ‘Plan Procurements’ changed to ‘Plan Procurement Management’
  • ‘Administer Procurements’ changed to ‘Control Procurements’
  • Addition of ‘Plan Stakeholder Management’
  • ‘Manage Stakeholder Expectations’ changed to ‘Manage Stakeholder Engagement’
  • Addition of ‘Control Stakeholders Engagement’